Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fugitive Media Circles

Project #2 WIP from this Summers Art Quilt Farm Camp. The center panel started out as the result of a Deconstructed Screen Printing . Then I went back into it and printed the circles directly using thickened fiber reactive dyes on leftover plastic seed flats from the greenhouse. THEN ( after fixing process ,rinseout and drying), I went back into the fabric with assorted Fugitive Media .Colored chalk pastels,charcoal, colored pencils and markers were used to create texture and detail.I had no pre-conceived notions or direction, just enjoyed playing with color and texture.
Some of the very first examples I made before the class even started found their way into this piece too. Surprisingly,leftover fabric from a pair of pant legs gave a really nice resist to the plexiglass circles resist. (Itajime)
I'm enjoying the intuitive process of letting the fabrics find their place... and I'm determined to please no one but myself. I'm declaring 2013 to be the "Year of the Ugly Quilt(s)" I cant wait to get this one on the longarm and start piecing the other one!

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