Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Class Samples Quilt Top #1 in Progress

My samples from this Summers ART QUILT FARM CAMP. It was so exciting to see what the final results were after the rinse out. Ironing everything really made the patterns and textures pop too. I just started pinning everything to my design wall as I ironed it and this is what I came up with. Not sure if this is the final(ish) layout or not... .Sometimes your first intuition is the best.Either way is is "marinating" on my design wall at the moment.(underneath ANOTHER piece I'm also working on. Stay tuned for images of that one next.
These are some examples of one of my students work. This was a flour paste resist exercise. It was a great technique because it creates amazing texture and only requires regular old flour for fantastic results!! I cant wait to do more of this now that my inside dye studio is finally up and running! I tried a small sample of SNOW DYEING today with the small amount of snow that was left on my car from yesterdays flurries. I've been waiting to try it for several months.Today I posted some of the process pics on my Facebook page. All the snow has already melted but I'm waiting till at least tomorrow afternoon to start the washout .. Stay tuned for washout results!!

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