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ART QUILT FARM CAMP 2014 Plus 2 NEW "Dye Party" workshops!

2 NEW "Dye Party" workshops have been added to the list of offerings at the Farm this year!

#1 Intro to Dyeing: Saturday June 14 and July 26 .This is an all day class (9- 4) designed to teach the basics of using fiber reactive dyes on anything made of cellulose (Cotton, Rayon, Linen, Paper)Beginners welcome! We will learn basic color theory , mixing plus a range of resists and printing techniques.3 yards of fabric and instructional(tools and supplies) handouts will be provided. You will go home with the experience and knowledge to be able to continue to dye on your own. Class fee is $50.(This class may also be scheduled as a private party for 6 or more people. Please email for available dates this summer)
#2 NEW "Dye Your Own Scarf Party" Wednesday ,June 25, 6-8:30pm Fashion Scarves are enjoying a comeback and look great on everyone. Come out to the Farm, enjoy some fruity Sangria and learn how to dye your very own one of a kind scarf. Treat yourself or give as a gift. You will learn how to blend colors, create textures and patterns on a test piece of fabric before dyeing your scarf. The Dyeing techniques learned in this workshop can be applied to other fabrics as well. Informational Handouts provided.Class fee is $40 (this class may also be scheduled as a private party for 6 or more people.Please e-mail for available dates this Summer.

I'm super excited to announce the 2014 season of my series of workshops designed to take you through the steps to creating your very own ,one of a kind original Art Quilt! Think of it as a Summer Art Camp for adults. We will get back in the creative groove through play and exploration.( When was the last time you did that in your adult life???)

We will be building layer upon layer to create Art Cloth in the Summer months at my Farm and finish up in the Fall with the Design, Construction and Quilting/Finishing classes .

1.Color Exploration :(June 15) Using Dye Painting and Low water immersion techniques we will explore color( in theory and practice) through mixing and hue and value gradations. The resulting fabrics will become the start of the first layer in creating our art cloth. Various physical and chemical resist techniques will also be introduced. Dye paste, block printing and monoprinting will also be introduced.

2.Resists :(June 29) Chemical and Physical methods will be explored through common household substances (flour,potatoes etc) as well as clamping folding and binding techniques to create patterned resists to our dyebaths. Various different types of direct Printing( monoprinting ,found object and block) techniques will also be introduced .

3.Printing:(July 27) Create patterning on fabric by direct printing. We will make our own motifs by creating our own blocks for block printing, print with various found objects and learn monoprinting. Deconstructed Screen Printing will also be introduced.

4.Silkscreening:(Aug 10 ) Learn how to stretch your own screen to use in so many different ways. We will be employing freezer paper, latex paint, interfacing, and tape as well as dried flour paste and Colored dye paste for Deconstructed techniques.

5.Color Removal: (discharge)(August 24) Discover what happens when color is stripped from both hand dyed and commercially dyed fabrics using various household products as well as specially formulated color removers. We will be combining Color Removal with painting ,stamping and stenciling as well as both chemical and physical resist techniques.

6.Fugitive Media:(September 7) Colored Pencils, Charcol, Conte Crayon etc. Learn how to go back into your fabrics create highlights and detail using fugitive media and make them permanent .

7.Open Studio:( September 21) Spend the whole day revisiting your favorite techniques or just creating more fabrics to build on later.This will be the last "Surface Design" class before we move on to Design, Construction, Quilting and Finishing classes.


8. Design : We will employ a design wall and a digital camera to record the design process and explore all the possibilities of our Art Quilt ideas. I will share my library of books and magazines and online resources to get the creative juices flowing.

9.Construction: Putting it all together! A basic knowledge of using your sewing machine( that is in good working order) is required for this class. We will cover basic piecing and machine applique techniques to get that quilt top ready!

10.Quilting/Finishing: Options for the final stages of the Art quilt Making process will be covered. Basic Domestic Machine quilting will be covered, a longarm quilting Demonstration will be held and several binding/Finishing techniques will be demonstrated. Introduction to Longarm quilting classes are optional and can be scheduled as well as longarm quilting services.

Classes will be held on Sundays starting June 15 from 9 am to 4 pm with a break for lunch. Class size is limited, payment will secure your reservation and the cost of your class(es) is determined by how many classes you sign up and pay for.(Multiple class DISCOUNTS APPLY TO PRE-PAID CLASSES ONLY!)
One single class is $50 , a second class is $45 ,a third is $40 as well as all other remaining classes. Students can take any combination of classes( some may not need instruction in Design and/or Construction)but I encourage Students to take Classes 1-4 because we will be creating the most fabrics in these classes.

3 yards of pre-treated ready to dye Fabric is included with every class fee as well as unlimited use of dyes and chemicals. Students will be required to bring some items to class(gloves, plastic bags, sheeting etc) and more fabric will be available for purchase by the yard. I will provide printed handouts with a list of various resources as well as have my extensive library available to browse through and inspire.

To reserve your classes in the Art Quilt Farm Camp for 2014 please send your check along with your email and snail mail address to :

Susan Atwell 3824 N 50 W LaPorte, In 46350 .
Or you may PayPal me at Please leave your name, email, phone number and list of the classes you are wanting to take.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at A list of supplies and directions to the Farm will be sent upon receipt of payment. I am also on Facebook ,please feel free to friend me for more Farm and Quilting related happenings! I am looking forward to an exciting and creative Summer , Hope you can join in on the Art Quilt Farm Camp fun!!

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